case studies

A large design department required a major hardware and software upgrade to their CAD (Computer Aided Design) system.
We designed and implemented a high speed, robust network based system with top specification equipment. We installed and configured the latest version of the CAD software and provided the customer with fully trained systems support for the application, the whole solution being installed with no down-time in the department's CAD system. The resulting performance improvement means vastly increased reliability and productivity, at a fraction of the cost of competitive bids.

A large American corporation required a UK based acquisition to become integrated into its corporate e-mail system.
The required solution (Microsoft Exchange) involved the creation of a new NT Domain connected to the USA. New hardware was sourced and configured for the UK based mail server, and the UK mail system was then migrated to Microsoft Exchange. Users were now able to communicate quickly, reliably, and securely with their new colleagues throughout the world, and there was no loss of mail services during the migration process. This implementation was achieved on time and on budget, at 50% the price of a rival quote.

A large engineering company had a requirement to move from Novell NetWare to Microsoft Windows NT Server.
The 250 user community no longer required Novell NetWare to communicate with their new ERP System. So a solution was designed which introduced the hardware and software to create a Microsoft NT4 Domain, plus the upgrade of the majority of the client PCs to be able to run Windows 2000 Professional. The NT Server hardware was installed and configured first, and then all the NetWare user accounts were migrated onto NT. Following this, the client PCs were upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows 2000. This whole migration means faster and more reliable network access for the end user, easier administration of the network, and reduced costs of desktop support.

A medium sized office location was having numerous problems with their network.
There were regular outages and the network often ground to a halt.
A survey was carried out and a new infrastructure design was implemented which eliminated bottlenecks, improved performance, and increased reliability.

A UK based organisation needed its new branch offices connected securely into its corporate network.
Frame Relay and Leased Line solutions were installed to allow the branch offices secure, authenticated, high-speed access to the corporate intranet and applications. This solution was provided against a tight deadline at a very competitive cost.

A small office was expanding and required shared data and printing facilities. There was an increasing uneasiness regarding data vulnerability, as much of the information contained confidential personal data.
A Windows 2000 Active Directory solution was implemented to allow for the anticipated growth. File store was secured by user authentication, and the printers were made available over the network. High speed Internet access was available to all PCs through a single Broadband connection. A backup solution was implemented to secure the data.

A small office required occasional helpdesk and application support, but could not afford full time on-site staff.
A remote dial-in solution was provided which allowed our highly experienced support staff to quickly help with any problems. This low-cost solution saved the cost of employing expensive full-time IT staff, and ensured fast resolution of most potential problems.

As part of a Global Reduction in "Head Count" a major regional employer needed to outsource its IT Support function.
A proposal was made to provide on-site working hours support, plus 24 x 7 x 365 telephone support covering the full breadth of current systems and applications. This service actually offered a better service level than was possible in-house, and was provided at a fraction of the cost of some competitive bids.